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Meet Me at the Moon

by Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers

One thousand eleven miles is what keeps us apart. Fifteen hours and thirty-nine minute drive to a piece of my heart. Chorus: You stole it, in a matter of moments, said come back it’ll be safe I’ll hold it. I don’t know how in love with you I am, but I am. I’ve got an hour or two so meet me at the moon. Two months three days and counting till a chance I see your face. I need a real vacation, you need a change of pace. Chorus. And this dream, I’ve been having continuously, we find that place and as you trace my tattoos, I give my entire heart to you. Chorus.
The Keeper 05:04
I’ll never be the keeper, I’m a temporary heart pleaser baby. I know I’m not your keeper I am temporary. Here we are again, hearts back out on the market, you look a bit concerned. ‘Cause the risks are grave but the win is great in your warm embrace, and I’ll behave if you don’t berate my childish ways. It’s been a while since you’ve been willing to trust anyone, but I’m here with good intentions, so put away the guns. Oh you messed up thinking this was just one night, you tripped into me, staring in my big blue eyes and that fear you see well it’s no big surprise. Chorus. Here we are again, bottle deep at 4 in the morning, we’re both a bit concerned. ‘Cause the high you gave to me yesterday well it threatens to fade and we’re both afraid of the day one of us runs away. It’s been a while since I’ve been willing to trust anyone, and your suit seems nicely tailored, but is it all a front. Oh I messed up thinking you were mister right. Now you are so concerned convincing me that you might not me love now, but you’re not gonna make me cry. Chorus. I know I’m not your keeper I am temporary. Might not be your keeper, but I’ll be a pleasant memory. Might not be your keeper, but boy if I leave, you’re gonna miss me. Might not be your keeper but a little bit of you loves me.
Well I guess that I’d be lying if I say I hadn’t broke a heart or two in all my time spent out there on the road. Guess I just got good at lovin’ what I can’t have and pushing away the ones that try to love me back. Chorus: Oh it’s hard sayin’ yes when you’re used to sayin’ no, it’s too easy to hear yourself say I told you so, Oh it’s hard to believe that there are some good men, easier to write about all that might have been. So I guess that I’ll keep trying to melt this bitter heart, and pick up all the pieces that have slowly fell apart. If honesty don’t kill ya, well something surely will, so you cling on to the bad thinking that it’s all that you’ve got left. Chorus. So I’m sorry to the ones that said I love you so, I never meant to hurt you and I thought that you should know, and the love I asked from others, more than what you had, I won’t hold it against you that you couldn’t love me back.
Apologies 03:06
I need you to know that I’m not angry, I need you to know that I’m not mad. I’m just incredibly sad. The bottles empty and I’m still broken, for too many words should have been left unspoken before they cut to the bone. But you’re no good at apologies and I’m no good at giving in. But I am willing to lay myself down to bring this mess to an end. I find it funny the way things work out, I find it saddening the way it just hurts now when I think about us. Kept in jars is where they keep their kisses, but kept in jars is where I keep my wishes for the world. But you’re no good at apologies and I’m no good at giving in. But I am willing to lay myself down to bring this mess to an end.
In the City 04:31
Mr. Right 03:04


released February 14, 2011


all rights reserved



Emma Hill Anchorage, Alaska

Growing up in the small Alaskan village of Sleetmute to her worldwide travels, Emma has worked hard to position herself as a force in the music world. Her albums have received national recognition and she has toured them nationally and internationally. Splitting her time between touring and home, she has shown her dedication to keeping music alive wherever she goes. ... more

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